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Not Your Guru's Meditation

It’s time for something different. An approach to stress relief that ties together the imagination, the voice, listening, posturing and breathing in a new and interesting way. Your first meditation practice is to take 10 slow deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth and then read all the information below...

“How can meditation be interesting?” You might wonder.

Meditation is many things to many people. There are a myriad of approaches and many books, DVDs, YouTube videos, and classes. Over the last 15 years I have worked with several. Some I vibed with. Some I couldn’t get through. I personally really get down with sound. Knowing that not everyone is super comfy with using their voice (especially in a group setting) I take the edge off by making it optional and only bringing sounding in in small amounts. Just enough for you to feel the effects it has on your body, which is powerful indeed. I have healed injury, stress and fear by sounding (using my voice) in different ways.

Sometimes we use guided meditations that I have received in my own personal meditation practice. Things like the WaterFlame, Planting the Cube, and Meeting the Dark Mother. Other times I lead students through different types chakra clearing and strengthening. There have been evenings focused on empowering and blending the Masculine and Feminine assisting them in merging into unity within the Heart Chakra. Other classes have been more focused on mindfullness and noticing. All the techniques help you gain sharper awareness of your inner self and physical body while gently expanding your innate peaceful center.

Use of color, crystals, guided imagery, sacred geometry, intention, sound, mudra, mantra, seed syllables and vowel sounds, breath work, and imagination are mixed together each class creating something entirely new every time. Why? Because it’s fun! Meditation doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Sure listening to your breath and clearing your mind are great tools. However, my approach is to help create a connection between your body and mind that is fascinating. To help you sharpen your ability to see, sense and feel from a higher more evolved perspective and to learn how to clear and protect yourself in an ever changing energetic world. When we are having fun, we learn easily. Meditation can become less like work and more like an opportunity to explore your own amazing self and all its facets.

I end each class with a 15-20 minute sound clearing (everyone’s favorite part!) in which I play crystal & Tibetan bowls and use vocal toning and galactic mantra to integrate all you have learned and seal you up from all you released while in practice.

This class is gentle yet profound. Every Wednesday evening from 5:45-7 at 222 Saint John Street, Portland, ME.. There is parking in the building’s rear lot. Take the elevator to the second floor and follow the signs to my office. If you can, wear comfortable clothing and bring with you any or all of the following: your own cushion, yoga block or mat, or camp chair, a blanket, & pillow. Please remember you will be sitting on the floor. If you know you will not be comfortable I suggest you bring a camp chair to sit on so that you can immerse yourself fully in the practice.

Donations are welcome and appreciated.