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Love Warrior Meditation

Meditation is many things to many people. There are a myriad of approaches and many books, DVDs, YouTube videos, and classes. Over the last 15 years I have worked with several. Some I vibed with. Some I couldn’t get through. I, personally, really get down with sound. And so do others in my class. 

Sometimes we use guided meditations that I have received in my own personal meditation practice. Things like the WaterFlame, Planting the Cube, and Meeting the Dark Mother. Other times I lead students through different types chakra clearing and strengthening. There have been classes focused on empowering and blending the Masculine and Feminine assisting them in merging into unity within the Heart Chakra. Others have been more focused on mindfullness and noticing. My approach is to help create a connection between your body and mind that is fascinating. To help you sharpen your ability to see, sense and feel from a more peaceful and accepting perspective by learning how to maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self in an ever changing energetic world. When we are having fun, we learn easily. 

This class is gentle yet profound. Every Wednesday from 12-1 pm at Hustle and Flow yoga studio,  155 Brackett St, 3rd Floor,  Portland, ME.. $15 drop in fee. There is street parking only during the school year. The lot next to the building is open when school is out, roughly late June- August. I do allow folx to enter the space up to 10 minutes late, due to parking restrictions. 

Please check out Hustle and Flow's website to learn more about the studio, http://hustleflowstudio.com/, or watch the promotional video below. Following is the second video in a three part series of me offering a galactic activation from 11/29/2017.

You can find more of my informational and activation videos on my YouTube channel BiancaTown.