FACETS of Wellness

Fully Adaptive Crystalline Energy Therapy System


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I AM a multi-dimensional inter-galactic light warrior and love gangster incarnated in a human body and have been consulting and working with those who seek further enlightenment and guidance in love, life, career, and spiritual growth professionally since 2005.  I bring the highest quality, integrity, compassion and insight to your sessions with me, and I adhere to the highest of ethical standards. I use powerful mantras (Tibetan, Sanskrit, and newly channeled Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian prayers) amplified through quartz crystals to help people around the globe – setting aside time each day to send out musical sounds of compassion, strength and love to those in need during my meditation practices. I help each person find their own innate strength, wisdom and abundance by providing powerful transformational bodywork and counseling for my clients, creating peace and harmony in their lives by helping them bring their dreams and highest health to fruition. No problem or conflict is too big or small for me to assist you with. My life's purpose is to help you remember and integrate with your Divine Nature, by combining my gifts with your unique spiritual make-up, to help you manifest the life you seek.

Using the talents developed over 10+ years of classical musical training as well as designing and constructing jewelry, a career in the healing arts was intuited and acted upon and I began to remember my reason for being. I AM a natural healer whose talents were explored and nurtured first, at the Reiki center Hearts & Hands in Brunswick, ME. in 2005 and later at The Polarity Realization Institute in Westbrook, ME., where I gained certifications in holistic massage and polarity therapy respectively in 2006. I completed the first and second level of The Arcturian Healing Method with Gene Ang Ph.d. in June of 2015 and continue to be a sponge for all things vibrational as I explore, refine and expand my techniques.  

I have graduated through several levels of Guidance over the last three years which include The Trinity from the Halls of Light in the Pleiades, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Samael,  Archeon Metatron, Dela Keeper of the Harmonic, Sorion Keeper of the Gates, Enoch Keeper of the Keys, and Telakmoura of the the Telluric Realm and I continue to be in contact with these and even more potent and powerful beings as my Light expands. My latest endeavor is in channeling and combining multiple types of galactic energies and information with Galactic DNA level cellular activation, sound healing and the use of Sirian/Pleiadian healing symbols and mantras, along with sacred geometry into FACETS of Wellness (Fully Adaptive Crystalline Energy Therapy System).

After a three year intensive of channeling in and studying with the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians, I have completed each of the three levels of training in FACETS and have stepped into the Mastery level in March of 2016. I am pleased to announce that the first level of FACETS training will be available by this autumn in the Portland, ME. area! Please visit the FACETS page for additional information about this incredible modality!

Bianca's office is located at 222 Saint John St., Portland, Maine. She can be reached by email at psycheskeys@gmail.com.