FACETS of Wellness

Fully Adaptive Crystalline Energy Therapy System

Our beliefs at Soaring Phoenix

Greetings from The Soaring Phoenix Power Center!

We have recently moved into suite 233 in the historic railroad building located at 222 St. John St.

Our names are Bianca and Kama-Lei. We are intuitive bodywork practitioners and wellness facilitators with several years of professional experience. We believe that whole health is achieved through a balance and harmonization of the body/mind connection. Our approach is to address each individual (and their mental, physical and spiritual selves) as an integral part of a greater whole, each with an important part to play in this grand orchestration called Life. Our goal at Soaring Phoenix is to help those seeking clarity, freedom, abundance and happiness to achieve these things through our unique transformational bodywork. We accomplish this by being consciously present with our clients and patiently assisting them in releasing their emotional and physical challenges. Our results are wide ranging and long lasting.

These days we often forget (or feel like we don’t have enough time) to take care of ourselves.  When we forget to rest and recuperate we make errors, tire easily, lack vitality and are susceptible to stress, we compromise our immune systems and never really feel rested and truly present. We can help you feel better, think more clearly, have more energy, and get better results with your projects, dreams and goals.

We agree that to truly progress on our individual journeys to whole health and enlightenment one must have a team of talented and dedicated practitioners, friends, colleagues and family. It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes a community to maintain the health and well-being of each inner child and adult as we travel through the dynamic stages of Life.

It is our sincere desire to create that community through working with each of our clients and other practitioners to achieve and maintain vibrant whole health.