FACETS of Wellness

Fully Adaptive Crystalline Energy Therapy System


All crystal and mineral information has been channeled by Bianca for your benefit and will continue to be updated and refined. Check back for more info!

Agate (General)

A powerful protection stone promoting the accomplishment of goals. This stone relieves stress which allows one to gain courage, awareness, confidence, mental strength, and focused clarity. Agate can also help to ground one in the present and tap into the Earth's energies. This helps create a stable base for new beginnings to start from. Use at solar plexus or heart chakra. There are many different kinds of agates such as crazy lace, blue lace, banded, moss, dendridic, carnelian, onyx, and sardonyx.


A wonderful calming stone that soothes the overworked and under appreciated.  Assists one in experiencing relaxation without guilt. It stills the "monkey mind" during meditation and  brings "crystal clarity" to decision making. Artists can benefit from amethyst since it can be used to expand the imagination and move beyond the creative comfort zone. It promotes balance, patience, peace and strengthens intuitive reasoning. A useful stone for those experiencing chronic headaches, place at third eye or tape to the base of the skull at the back of the head with point down for relief. Also beneficial for those recovering from substance abuse, specifically alcohol abuse. To clear up acne or scars from acne gently rub a tumbled piece all over face or problem area and mentally repeat "heal and erase" everyday until skin improves. Use at third eye or crown, hold or wear as needed.


Ready to talk to your guides? This stone can help open your mind to receive this wisdom and maintain an open connection to Spirit.  It can protect against electromagnetic pollution which clears confusion from the mind. This stone promotes a link between the heart and third eye chakras which helps one to effectively evaluate personal situations and understand the motivations of others.  Brings balance to the thyroid and endocrine system. Use at heart and throat chakras, wear as needed.


If you are feeling stuck in your routine, this stone can help nudge you into motion.  It enhances our cosmic consciousness and connection with divine will. It can release the root chakra and gently regenerates and rejuvenates the aura, protecting from outside negative influences. It helps to release and remove feelings of doubt and guilt replacing these with peace and serenity. Angelite invites us to see the good in others and aligns us with faith without becoming overly idealistic. A sense of expansion and openness come with use of this stone. Keep at your desk to maintain positive vibes at work. Use at crown or third eye for optimum results.


This mineral brings a feeling of being cool, calm and collected.  It balances water element  and emotions. When one is in danger of verbally overreacting this stone can calm the situation and align one with clear thought and eloquent communication. When experiencing menstrual discomfort and PMS or menopausal symptoms use apatite combined with moonstone for immediate relief. It is said to calm hunger attacks and lower high blood pressure. Place at throat or sacral chakras or carry/wear as needed.


A stone which stimulates clarity, clears consciousness, and incites the desire for personal growth. It helps to release negativity and any mental blocks keeping us from seeing our connection to all living things. It clarifies one's purpose in life while gently integrating this information into our systems and keeps us free of fear or doubt about what must be done to realize this potential. This is a strong astral travel stone that can be used to direct meditation towards understanding the lessons learned in past lives and help assimilate this information into daily actions. Soothe and cleanse your energy system by holding this stone or place it in a room to raise the vibration. Use at crown, third eye and heart chakras.


Heals past heartaches and helps one to trust again by letting go of emotional pain. It reminds us to be gentle with ourselves through tough times and change.  A great stone to help  awaken the idea of new love, or purify love in a long term relationship. Aventurine reminds us that we need a balance of giving and receiving in our lives to feel truly whole. Brings on a gentle form of patience, compassion, acceptance, and self-confidence. Place at heart or solar plexus chakras.


A kick ass stone for students and scholars alike that helps us to seek mental growth and learn new things. This stone is ideal for concentration, studying, and learning new skills.  It can help the brain stay energized and retain new information by connecting pathways in the brain and allowing new concepts to be immediately understood and applied. A stone for moving forward and letting go of the past which allows one to get in touch with deeper levels of personal knowledge.  It inspires quick thinking and wit and is useful for those interested in the occult and medicine. It contains copper which is energizing and helpful for removing toxins from the bones. Hold while studying or listening in class to assist in absorbing and retaining information. Place at third eye and throat, hold in left hand or carry in left pocket.


A powerful grounding form of jasper that works to connect our root and heart chakras. A stone that helps connect the dots in our many relationships and not give away our power to others, creating a sense of security.  This helps us to feel confident in our choices. A calming  stone for those who suffer from panic attacks which  works at the root to build/create a stable emotional/spiritual base for personal improvement. If one is prone to being scattered, bloodstone helps to slow down and stay in the present and allows us to feel there is enough time in the day to accomplish everything. Take time to evaluate your life or a situation while remaining emotionally removed from the outcome. Those with blood and bone disorders or menstrual imbalances would benefit from this stone. Use at root and sacral chakras for grounding, at the heart for stillness and calming and at the third eye for insight into illnesses or imbalance.


Calcium and magnesium fill this mineral to promote healthy digestion and relax tension from our bodies as we fill with joy.  Generally soothing while the warmer colors gently feed us with energy. Green promotes emotional/stress relief,  tranquility and invites one to release doubt, fear, and grief. It replaces those old heavy emotions with subtle joy, love, peace, and allows one to be gentle with themselves if overly critical. Blue enhances psychic ability, astral travel, and soothes the throat chakra allowing open communication. It clears away deception and assists in feeling comfortable with quiet. A useful stone if you are looking to initiate connection with your guides or higher self.  Red brings grounding, and helps one to find a good pace to finish a project, or reach a goal.  Also helps one to feel rational.  Orange brings zest for life, energy, fun, creativity, confidence and heals childhood trauma. It balances sexual energy helping us to see the Divine within the mundane. It also helps us to consciously connect with the higher powers around us to manifest out personal truth in our daily activities. Honey calcite turns us on to new interests and adventures. It's a great stone to have on you when you do something for the first time. It brings a calm excitement and pleasure to beginning a new endeavor and reminds us how sweet life can be.


An energy booster that helps the insecure/shy person to find courage. It stimulates generosity and a desire to “put oneself out there”. It can help you find the job you've been looking for by encouraging assertiveness and precision in actions and in intuiting other people's emotions. When it comes to manifesting success, this is a necessary stone to have and use. It can activate appetite and sexual energy and activates the fire energy of motion and thinking quickly. It kick-starts sluggish digestion, helps with menstrual difficulties and aids in fertility (both physical conception and in creating abundance of opportunities).  Larger pieces (tumbled work best) can be gently rubbed over sore muscles or achy joints to absorb and relieve pain. It works to flush toxins from the lymph and blood and can improve the immune system during cold season. Use at the lower chakras or areas of pain, unless inflamed , feverish or for headaches.


This mineral helps us to connect and understand the concept of Divine Oneness. It aids in communication with all celestial beings, but especially your personal angels by invoking a calm light feeling. When kept in the home or office this mineral echos out pervasive peace, calms and removes stress and clears the environment of electromagnetic smog. Use this stone to negate negative vibes before they enter the aura and cause harm.  It is a gentle, but excellent clearer of the aura and chakras. It helps us to release resentment, become in touch with our emotions, and meet our needs with compassion. It can also help us to tap into the energy of loved ones who have passed, remember them and the things they have taught us. Do not place in sunlight as this mineral will fade. It aids the throat chakra, thyroid, and central nervous system. Use at lower chakras to soothe and calm.


A mineral of romantic as well as self love. It opens the heart to compassion and trust without fear. An emotional balancer and eliminator of harmful behavior. Use of this mineral allows one to look within into the motivation for bad habits/patterns and initiates the desire to break them and allow space for positivity and change to occur. It removes self loathing and hatred and replaces these old beliefs with dignity and dedication. Used with compassion it can balance the soul and attract true love. However, it reminds us that we must be patient, love ourselves in earnest and work on our personal evolution before we will attract the perfect mate. Charoite is about being truthful with ourselves and where we're at, allowing us to be cool with who we are.  Some with addiction issues will find charoite helps them want to quit using. Others will find it opens new levels of self appreciation and creativity. Use it to clear the upper chakras including the heart.


This mineral blasts open the throat chakra giving us the ability and confidence to say what we need to, when we need to.  As a throat/heart connector though, it will come from a place of compassion and patience, instead of anger or irritation. Not only will you be communicating from a place of peace, it will help you to deeply listen and truly understand the needs of those around you. This powerful mineral flushes the heart and it's corresponding layer of the aura of fear, doubt, loss, guilt, and anger and restores self-forgiveness, peace, patience, and compassion. It connects us to our understanding of who we are and what our purpose is, encouraging us to express and share our talents. A “gem” when it is necessary to move fast  and efficiently to accomplish our goals and advance our skill set. If you sing or have to speak a lot this mineral will assist you on long days, or hours of practice as it energizes the throat. It has been used to draw out physical pain and inflammation found with fevers and arthritis.


A stimulating stone for prosperity, abundance and positive energy. An excellent crystal for manifestation because it instills joy, optimism, and a “can do” attitude which increases one's will power. A memory and strategy enhancer and that's great for those starting new business ventures and attending school. This stone really gets the happiness flowing, helping to maintain a great attitude while dispelling depression, stomach tension, and general negativity.  Super great for keeping the liver, spleen, kidneys, and urinary system healthy. It can help some with control issues, reminding us to let go and enjoy the ride. Placing in cash registers, wallets, and on desks will attract prosperity and success. Wearing or carrying will feed confidence and trust.


An energizer and up-lifter that is excellent for use when feeling depressed, weighed down, or stuck. It helps to ground new vitality into the physical body simultaneously releasing pain and restoring vigor and confidence. It will incite the desire to accomplish tasks and inspire a powerful sense of independence. Super great for those who are lethargic to get going. Awesome for people seeking the strength to break out to a rut or a bad relationship and for those seeking higher levels of energy. Great for athletes  to wear or carry to activate new levels of strength and will. Also useful for those wanting to slim down, as it helps motivate and activate. Copper can help those with arthritis by calming inflammation and stiffness. The lower chakras benefit most from copper.

Elestial Quartz

A multifaceted (many terminations over the body of the crystal) stone that holds a vibration of other worldliness. They are said to contain information from higher realms and possibly alien races that can be utilized to help with the planetary shift occurring at this time. They are wonderful stones to keep in a sacred space to to create the feeling of sacred energy within a room. By helping to keep a constant flow of clear energy within a space elestials create a relaxing environment in which negativity is transmuted. Even smaller specimins hold great power and emit high vibes. Keep them in your home to feel safe and positive and connected to higher realms.


Emerald is part of the beryl family and forms naturally in a hexagonal shape. Hexagons are one of the most economical shapes in the universe, represented well by bees. It is a calming stone said to increase and attract wealth and prosperity as well as enhancing psychic abilities and promoting lucid dreaming. It is a strong heart opener/healer which removes grief and helps release tension and hurt carried from past negative experiences. It is helpful for those suffering from abusive relationships as it inspires one to break the bonds of emotional slavery and move from the familiarity of abuse, control and neglect toward freedom from fear. If you have trouble differentiating between good and bad choices, emerald can help clear the way toward right thought and action. When using this stone one should be aware of it's ability to absorb and retain emotional stress and clear it regularly with sage smoke or moonlight. Use with ruby or garnet to help fearlessly face buried emotions and promote balance and harmony throughout the system.

Fire Agate

Dispels fear and creates a deflective shield within the aura to both protect and reflect any intended harm back toward the sender. It boosts the metabolism and fires up our will power to help bring us success  in all endeavors. It feeds the sacral and root chakras creating confidence and assertiveness. This provides the clarity and strength to sever ties with those who would hold one back from personal growth and potential success. If you are seeking a promotion or raise at work this stone can help make it happen. Use at the root to fire things up and ignite a desire to seize the moment and joyfully live life to the fullest. Or hold at sacral or solar plexus to help overcome shyness and talk to that special someone for the first time!


A stone of organization and intelligence that stimulates a still point for chaos to wind down around during meditation. It simultaneously relaxes and energizes the brain, making learning easy and fun. Useful for neurological disorders and brain function to open new channels of insight and creativity. It clears our working areas from electromagnetic smog and dense energies that may be keeping us stagnant and in this way protects the immune system by keeping us clear and energetically aligned. Place on your heart chakra or hold in both hands to generate feelings of order, peace, and protection.


Garnet is the sassy sister of ruby. It energizes, motivates, generates sexual stamina and desire and stimulates the root chakra into opening and trusting in personal power. A super stone for ladies in the business world as it helps deflect and negate any negative or unhelpful masculine energy in the workplace. A decision maker that stimulates the intellect and keeps us focused on the present and immediate future. It helps those who are shy to come out of their shells and those who feel weak to gain strength and self-confidence. When in the dating  scene wear garnet to help clarify if the person in question is right for you. This lovely stone keeps us strong, steady, and sexy.


Hematite is filled with iron and slightly magnetic, helping to increase personal magnetism, and blood flow. Its a great stone for athletes as it creates a bridge between the body and mind enhancing performance. It grounds scattered energy into the physical and assists those who have a hard time staying in their bodies to feel more at home in them. It promotes and balances overactive Yin or feminine energy. A useful stone for those just opening to deeper levels of their personal power.

Herkimer Diamond

A magnificent energizer, vibrational purifier and amplifier of the third eye that helps us to motivate and commit to the completion of goals. It offers a sparkling clarity allowing us to understand and trust our intuition. The perfect stone for those in the corporate world to stay energized and focused and is extremely useful to have with you before and during meetings and presentations. This stone will open a clear channel through the crown chakra to divine insight and guidance helping us to heal our relationships with peace and admiration instead of tough love. This crystal can be used to enhance lucid dreaming allowing one to take control of the dream state and to recall all aspects of the dream once awake. It also works well ridding the dream state of nightmares. Sharing this stone with a lover or friend helps to increase the psychic connection between you. Herkimers light the way toward a union of great joy and great focus creating great accomplishment. Try using 3 herkimers at the third eye, solar plexus and root simultaneously.


A purifying mineral that helps to build strength, character and motivation. A great help when a change in diet or a resetting of the system is required. It returns us to a state of triumphant accomplishment and assists us in seeing our progress with discernment and patience. When we feel as though we aren't making progress, either with in our lives or with an individual or group of people, howlite can assist in relaxing tense areas in the body and helping us let go and chill for a sec. It assures us that the Universe will provide what we need in perfect timing provided we release selfish judgments and actions. If you suddenly find yourself confronting someone angry, rude, or impertinent, this stone will help calm and smooth over the situation with grace and tact. If you have been pondering a problem for a while, look to howlite and you'll solve that problem in a jiffy!


This is a mineral especially for the crown and third eye, deepening meditation, enhancing intuition and creating awareness of and connection to our guides and divine self. An inspiring stone that helps the soul feel centered and whole when pieces of us have been taken or given away through trauma or hard living. It removes resentment and encourages love and forgiveness , allowing us to move forward from the terrible things we have done or experienced. A brilliant creativity stone that connects us back into our artistic selves and reminds us that everyone and everything holds beauty. If drawn to this stone it is a suggestion toward further personal inquiry and can assist in the soul searching process. It is also useful to help find an appropriate partner or teacher if/when the seeker is ready.


A stone of good luck and good fortune which is said to bring prosperity, fertility, opportunity and longevity. It is a powerful dream stone helping to initiate lucidity as well as dream recall. It works well with other manifestation stones to project one's desires into reality while promoting resourcefulness and unity. This helps one to feel there is enough for all and eliminates negative competitiveness. Jade enhances health and our innate healing ability and suggests compassion and acceptance for the self and others as we travel on our respective paths.  It is useful for those suffering from low self esteem or dependency issues to help gain self reliance and confidence. When transition from this incarnation to the next is imminent, jade can help make it a smooth and less painful experience both emotionally and physically.

Jasper (General)

A great stone for creating a stable base to take a leap of faith from. It connects the root chakra to the earth and initiates a layer of protection in the aura useful during astral travel, shamanic journeying, pranayama (yogic breath work), and flying in planes. A strong nurturer that specifically balances the first layer of the aura and  reassures those who are afraid of being alone. It soothes and begins to realign the dysfunctional energies and negativity which create the desire to seek out distractions and unhealthy relationships. Jaspers generally bring focus, strength to begin positive change, help to follow thorough with long term projects and are great to have around when studying, helping us to integrate information and make it applicable to what we are doing. It inspires patience with ourselves and those around us, especially children. It allows one to see the truth of the matter with humility and grace and when we get distracted, reminds us of what we set out to do.


This mineral immediately clears and aligns the chakra and auric systems, balances yin/yang energies and balances our brain chemistry. It is rich in lithium which helps to calm and create a sense of well-being and it is great for kids and those sensitive to medication. If you know which chakras are blocked within yourself, use kyanite to remove those stagnant energies and clear those blockages. You can also clear the layer of the aura associated with the blocked chakra(s) with focused intention.  Kyanite softens a hard soul, cleanses a system that has taken much abuse (especially self inflicted), and promotes laser like clarity into ones personal challenges and how to overcome them. It is a great mineral when one is beginning a healing path due to it's ability to promote peace and patience in one's process and offering a sense that we can succeed in all endeavors. Remove judgmental attitudes toward yourself and others while promoting trust in your choices and love in every action.


When feeling overwhelmed in large crowds or swamped with work and not knowing where to start, this is the stone to use. First, it helps us to be generous with our time and energy toward ourselves, then toward others. It removes judgement and brings our awareness back to the present. It does this by clearing and aligning the chakras and aura helping you to refocus on the task at hand, working gently but effectively to raise our vibration in moments of stagnation. A generator of clear thinking and high hopes this baby opens up your highest potential and integrates it right into your physical body. By unwinding the tangled heart and allowing clear life-force energy to flow freely it brings us to a safe place, allowing us to feel comfortable and patient with  our personal evolution and development. This stone is a well spring of liquid light to be used at your convenience!


A stone of transformation and transition which allows one to see through illusions without breaking the enchantment of living our lives. It creates a protective field around the aura, allowing one to use their intuition without feeling overwhelmed. It opens the mind to trust in divine magic without fear by inspiring abstract thinking and inviting the darker side of ourselves to come forward and be recognized as valuable and valid. An aid for astral travel and lucid dreaming which helps us to appreciate the mystery in life by reminding us we don't need an answer for everything. Labradorite brings light to the dark places in our souls and inspires the desire to explore the uncharted depths to seek out the being of light within each of us. It also assists us in transitioning with understanding and moving forward while building resilience in ourselves. A mineral to balance the Ether or space within us that contains the Elvin feel of magic and mystery. Use at third eye, throat and sacral chakras, wear as needed.


A mineral of discovery and protection that aids independent thought and decision making. A stone of immediate calm (contains lithium) it relieves stress, drives away despondency and assists in live transitions, emotional reorganization and acceptance of change. In our pockets lepidolite helps us feel like we are in the comfort of our own home, promoting inner peace, comfort in solitude and ease around strangers. A wonderful stone for children and adults with ADD or PTSD or for those with unusually high levels of stress. It creates a screen of protection from electromagnetic smog when placed between you and your computer, TV or other electrical devices. In business this mineral supports communication, diplomacy and honesty. In general it is great for alleviating all kinds of anxiety. Useful at any chakra.

Lapis Lazuli

A powerful third eye stone which can enhance deep insight and clarify old patterns or habits needing to be broken or re-evaluated. Placed on the throat it can help those who are overly emotional to figure out the core of what they need without the melodrama. It acts as a torch which lights the way toward understanding who we are and what we came to do by grounding our emotions and aiding in concise articulation. Lapis invites alignment of the skeletal system and helps the nervous system run smoothly which does a few things. First, this  brings strength when one is feeling weak or insecure, allowing us to believe in ourselves. Second, it reveals to us how we are all are connected and interdependent. By grounding our intuition we trust ourselves more because we are able to correctly see and interact with the world around us more effectively and efficiently. Use at third eye  throat, or solar plexus. Wear as needed.


Malachite brings what we have been denying to the surface and supplies us with the courage to deal with things. It is a demander of emotional truth which can force one to to look at things from a place of detached clarity and control and energize us into action. A stone that retracts an overly active heart chakra back into a balanced state, replenishing it and reinstating a healthy cycle of giving and receiving. Once this is accomplished, we can take responsibility for our actions and circumstances instead of blaming others which furthers personal advancement. Realizing we cannot control others or those outward circumstances allows us to turn inward and grasp the reins of our evolution ending in  empowerment. At first though, this stone can dredge up the unwanted or break the careful control that has kept emotions in check for long periods of time. We may feel we are not yet ready to take on these unresolved feelings. Generally though, the copper contained in this mineral lends one the strength to face what needs facing and once acclimated to this stone's energy you will feel stronger and more capable of facing new challenges in your life. Use at the heart or solar plexus.


A meteoric glass that accelerates your spiritual path and awakens the intelligence of the heart. Not to be used lightly, this stone is an emotional bulls-eye that can potentially be overwhelming for the easily discouraged. It is recommended to wear moldavite in small doses as it is a powerful stone that our bodies don't always resonate with. But, if you are up for a challenge, this stone is for you. A stone of vast change, insight and challenge which will engage you in a stripping down of all that you hide behind to reveal the truth of what you have been and what you are capable of becoming. It reminds one that there is more to life than our small planet would suggest and creates a sense of expansion and limitlessness that words struggle to properly describe.  Once over the rocky acclimation to this stone a sense of accomplishment and awareness is present allowing one to really see. But the road moldavite takes you down is definitely not for every one. Use with caution, humility and grace.


Moonstone is a gentle mother who softens a hard ego and balances extreme masculine energy. She reminds us where we come from and suggests humility and grace in the face of adversity and callousness. Use moonstone to get back to ground zero with your emotions and to help remove any shame or guilt around acknowledging that we are emotional beings. A useful stone for teenage girls as they transition into womanhood and for young boys to help acknowledge their innate feminine aspect and find balanced masculinity. This stone assists women in all stages of life including kindling fertility, preparing for and experiencing motherhood, and during menopause. It is said to enhance the connection between mothers and their children, and especially between daughters and their mothers later in life. It enhances joy, a sense of union, and a reverence for the mystical and beautiful aspects of life. It also reminds us that we need to be playful and imaginative to give refreshing energy to our souls. A little reminder that if one is extremely emotional to use moonstone accompanied by a grounding stone. Use at solar plexus, sacral, heart and crown chakras.

Obsidian (Black)

A powerful protection and grounding stone that absorbs negative energy, detoxifies the kidneys, liver and spleen, protects from violence and helps to deal with a dark past. It does this by slowing us down and causing us to think before we act. It reminds that putting one foot in front of the other will get you where you want to go while providing the time you need to think things through. It centers us in reality allowing us to reconnect to our ability to work hard and accomplish much. It helps us to be less selfish and open to dealing with our personal “stuff”. When we deal with these things, we feel better. When we feel better our outlook is brighter and we like ourselves more, which causes us to want to help make our world a better place. Obsidian has been used by shamans and healers to help ground the physical body during shamanic journeying or astral travel. It has also been used for scrying. Traditionally it was polished into a sphere or mirror and used to look into the future or past by concentrating on the surface. It is a stone of reality and rationality that helps stubborn people dig their heels out of the ground and come along for the joyous ride. Use at root and third eye chakras.


This stone stimulates your self control. By providing centering and alignment with your higher self and guidance it stimulates positive decision making and opens us to experience happiness and good fortune. This higher connection also works to amplify thought form and conceive of new ideas. Because it cleanses negativity in the auric system we feel balanced and safe and can manifest these new ideas. Onyx can help one to become more aware of opportune moments in life while negating worry and stress over having enough. It grounds one in reality while remaining detached from a specific outcome and reigns in excessive desire or addiction. This provides the clarity we need to make healthy decisions for ourselves and others. A great stone for multitasking, grounding, stimulating focus, and creating stability and consistency. Use at root solar plexus and third eye chakras.


Release your inhibition and allow yourself to take true spontaneous action. Described as “fossilized water” it is a very sensitive stone which will pick up and help transform what we are feeling. It inspires creativity, fearlessness, joy, and flashes of inspiration and insight. A wonderful stone to help all creative types to break out of the box and into freedom of expression or just get over the writer's block hump! It feeds the inner flame by stimulating one's pursuits toward higher spirituality and helps us to uncover and heal deeply buried emotions. Use opal to invoke feelings of lightness and ease in daily living. Boulder opal will have the added effect of grounding. Fire opal will bring zest for live and desire to heal oneself. A word of caution, do not cleanse with salt water and do not allow it to freeze, as it will shatter. When possible store in fresh water to keep from cracking. Wear or carry as needed.

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood helps to unite one with determination, independence, courage and strength and reminds you of your personal connection to the planet. A stone of infinite patience and understanding of the process, be it personal or another's. It assists in finding solutions, resolution in family problems, and things we feel we were born into and need help to  karmically deconstruct. This stone speaks of ancestor wisdom and incites a desire to connect back with your roots and/or the cause of things. It can help to begin a healing process by removing fear and doubt and transforming skepticism into inquiry. It enables the ability to make decisions that are based on what we need and aids us in not taking the easy way out. One can meditate with petrified wood to ascertain information regarding one's past lives and increase one's memory. It is wonderful for travel, helping to stay grounded as you go and in physically demanding jobs where strength and focus are needed.


A useful stone for healers and those who are seeking healing by promoting unconditional love and assisting in connection to the Divine. It helps us overcome difficult situations and connects us to our emotional strength and confidence so we grow from them. This stone warms us with acceptance helping to clarify our desires and honestly assess our personal growth. Prehnite can help deconstruct our walls and unnecessary boundaries allowing us to attract companionship and new friends. This helps those who are over protective, jealous, and suspicious feel safe and secure within themselves, creating closer, more trusting relationships. If, when seeking guidance from above (or within), you have trouble discerning the small voice from the roar of life, use prehnite to raise the decibel a few levels and tune in. This stone offers an invitation to the heart to open to the unconventional and see ourselves and others through the eyes of compassion and forgiveness. Use at heart third eye and solar plexus. Wear/carry as needed.

Quartz (Clear)

A multifunctional all-purpose power house! Intention is everything with quartz. It can be used for virtually anything with the proper programming. General uses include thought amplification, manifestation, absorption and transformation of low vibrational or chaotic energies, clearing and focusing the mind, opening/clearing blockages and old habits or patterns lodged in the energy system, heightening awareness and intuition, room clearing, chakra and aura clearing and amplification. They can send, receive, and hold energy as well as direct the flow of energy into, out of, and within the body's many energy currents. It can amplify healing energy from another person or stone (again, intention is everything), enhance color and sound as it is directed through the body and can be used to connect with guidance. Use clusters for room and general space clearing. All chakras benefit from quartz. Be sure to cleanse after each use in salt baths, with sage smoke and/or sun and moonlight. Rock on!


A stone of love, courage, and self acceptance which helps the healing of traumatic events (physical, emotional, or spiritual). Use of this stone connects the user to grace and deep forgiveness allowing one to break the bonds of self-loathing, doubt and fear to love again. It brings the confidence and acceptance to express oneself fully in relationships whether they are new or old, helping to remove judgement as you grow together. A soothing and uplifting stone that can help attract true love and assist you in being ready to see this person in their truth, which allows them to see the truth in you. Rhodochrosite brings joy and tenderness and reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and others as we journey together. It is a reminder  that no one can take our power away from us unless we allow it. It is also wonderful for creativity and stamina in the bedroom, providing the  inspiration to try new things and let go sexually. Place or wear at heart chakra or carry as needed.


This stone strengthens healthy bonds and relationships and can create an awareness of time to help those who are chronically late. By uniting the energies of the lower chakras with the heart to flow with universal love and understanding it brings balance to the emotional body. It promotes independent thought and actions without alienating others and helps one to be sure of how they feel and not keep waffling in a relationship. Rhodonite promotes trust, reliability, and consistency and helps to find balance when a relationship has love but lacks stability. It is a helpful stone post break-up to help move on and love oneself unconditionally and removes guilt associated with taking time to heal. Also a helpful stone for those in the rat race to remember to take breaks and rejuvenate once in a while. Use at root, heart or third eye, wear as needed.

Rose Quartz

 Unassuming but powerful, rose quartz is one of the most gentle and loving stones available. It soothes anger, jealousy, rage and lust by promoting the self awareness to understand where these negative feelings originate from. It promotes the wisdom of love and helps to think and act peacefully. Relieve a broken or grieving heart and obtain clarity with unresolved issues by holding this stone or keeping it near-by. A great stone for all forms of difficulty, despair, or stress, especially divorce and death. Use it to soften a hard heart, gain peace of mind and the strength to move forward. Used in elixir form it can help to heal burns and skin irritations. Generally it opens the heart chakra to all forms of love, acceptance, and overall healing.


This is a stone of love, leadership and power that motivates and ignites dedication and passion for achievement of goals large and small. (And also passionate love!) A stone for bold, daring decisions and actions that helps you get things done and feel good about it afterwords. As a heart chakra stabilizer ruby energizes us to stand taller, speak effectively and bring positivity and passion to new ideas whether working alone or as part of a team. A great stone for those starting a new business or leadership position as it works to attract new levels of abundance by helping the wearer to feel as though he/she already has what is desired. It is also a useful stone for re-energizing those who have been in the same job for a long time to gain a fresh perspective. This powerful stone is also used to boost libido, sparking sensuality and confidence in the bedroom. Generally though, it will bring direction into focus and help you to know what you want and take steps towards achieving it. Ruby can be a bit intense though, so balancing it with blue sapphire or lapis lazuli is suggested if you can't sleep or find your mind racing.


Sardonyx is a perfect stone for bringing together and balancing the masculine and feminine in a person. When this is accomplished we become more organized, efficient, and linear in our thinking. Great for those working with anything data related ie: accountants, data analysts, personal assistants, computer programmers, etc. It helps connect the dots and see relationships between seemingly unrelated ideas or concepts. Great for working on and finishing long standing projects or organizing your closet. A wonderful stone for those who are chronically scattered or disorganized, it helps bring constructive energy and rational thought to those who rely too heavily on their emotions. This stone can also be used to eliminate self-destructive patterns by helping us to feel our purpose on Earth and move forward one step at a time. Sardonyx reminds us that though there may be disappointment in our lives, it is part of the gradual process of manifestation and eventual success. This stone is often confused with banded agates which do not offer the same organizational and rational vibration of sardonyx. Use at solar plexus or third eye, place in work space, wear or carry as needed.


A salt based mineral that drops a veil of angelic peace and protection around one creating a bridge between this realm and the realm of highest guidance. This stone facilitates a conscious understanding that by cleansing the aura and opening the crown we can better receive wisdom from our guides. It creates a bridge between the upper and lower chakras allowing stuck energy to move swiftly up and out of the body. This enables the Divine light to penetrate deeper levels of the energetic body hastening any healing process. It is great for detoxifying the energy body and strengthening the bones and teeth, brain and nervous system allowing a healthy flow between all bodily aspects. It is also a great stone for unhappy or overworked joints in the body. This mineral helps us clear away the mental clutter helping our innate potential to shine through. If you seek to rid yourself of doubt and feelings of inadequacy selenite sets a gentle pace to accomplish this, especially when recovering from surgery or sickness. For those who lack accountability and tend to point fingers this stone can help them see the truth. Use at any chakra or achy joint. Do not place in liquid of any kind as selenite is super soft and will dissolve.


A soft, earthy, grounding stone that assists those whose energetic systems have been compromised. It is commonly found with magnetite and is useful for connecting with elemental energies and nature. This combination is a powerful  mineral for healers and those seeking to manifest change and desiring new levels of connection to humanity. It helps us to fall in love again with ideas, people or places we have grown away from but may not be done with. It suggests grace and humility in the face of conflict and subtle but fierce clarity (the kind you might initially want to ignore but come to realize is the most truthful) when searching for the best solution to one's challenges. It offers up the idea that what we think is the best course of action might actually be based in selfishness or insecurity. By helping us to see, accept and understand the way things truly are it creates a mind, body, soul connection that brings harmony to our entire person. Use at heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras when searching for new levels of growth. Use at third eye for manifesting change and closeness to humanity. Wear or carry as needed.


Shells offer the opportunity to connect with the watery vibe of the ocean. They help to connect back into the peace and serenity associated with the womb and Mother Earth. Shells can remind us to pay attention to the spiral of life and to the ebb and flow of all things. They align us with the concept of timelessness and assist in releasing stress and tension by bringing us back to our center.

Smokey Quartz

This is a great quartz for tapping into the feminine aspect and engaging it. Much like clear quartz, smokey is an amplifier and enhancer that speaks to the lower chakras soothing them and inviting in balanced Earth energy. Smokeys can be used to relax pessimism and tension from the physical body during the menstrual cycle and hormonal shifts easing these times of cleansing and transition.  It can also be helpful  when trying to solve fertility challenges and clear sexual trauma from the chakras and aura. Since they are the highest vibration of pure Earth energy, they can be used to transmute any negativity creating a safe environment to open the heart, focus on one's personal emotional needs and grow patience and self-acceptance. It helps to release judgement about where we are at and see that we are exactly where we need to be. Once this is accomplished we can see the light at the end of the dark night of the soul, and move toward it with grace. A stone of truth, grounding and recognition, that can be  used at any chakra but is most beneficial for the root and sacral.


A great stone for those who have a hard time going with the flow and for those who are disorganized. It helps to put things into perspective, assists in healing the throat chakra and inspires us to understand our emotional state. A visionary stone that can offer flashes of personal insight and creativity within the realms of study and learning. It can also lift creative  blocks and the pressures of deadlines by connecting us to a sense of having the space and time to easily accomplish our tasks. It can help one to discern which type of learner you are and is therefore a great stone to have when picking schools, classes, or teachers to work with and getting the most out of your educational experience. Excellent for public speaking and communication of all kinds, especially in business helping to keep your mind clear and your thoughts organized. Wear it to connect instinct with rationality and be successful in interviews and at meetings. Wear at throat or third eye. Carry as needed.


A royal stone of intense love and passion that overflows with grace and creative inspiration.  It deepens our sense of compassion and respect for ourselves and those around us.  Sugilite waters the seeds of empathy and understanding helping us to see and relate to others in their struggles. This stone offers a reminder that we must hold up the light for those who follow us and in return, our path is lit for us. When looking for love and romance, it helps one to manifest real and true love by clearing the heart and creating the space within to attract it. If you're feeling foggy or disconnected try using sugelite to blast open the crown and third eye and connect with your personal power. Use to attract love in all forms, become inspired, open to clairvoyance, and to feed the heart, crown and third eye.

Tibetan Quartz

Power houses found in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Nepal. These potent stones instantly clear and align the chakras and aura, by instantly grounding the light within us. They teach us humility and blast open the entire energetic system to create a hyper awareness of the connection of all living things. They are keepers of the light allowing one to access the deep spirituality of the region they are from. These stones are creators of tolerance and unity, dignity and respect, grace and fearlessness. A great stone to help lift the veils of illusion and really see the beauty of our lives. Use and wear wherever you want. Any placement is beneficial.

Tiger Eye

You will not miss a beat with tiger's eye in your pocket! It enhances dignity, physical grace, vitality, integrity and willpower. It stabilizes and grounds us, while creating a sensation of moving quickly and accomplishing much. It feeds methodical planning and execution of tasks be they business or pleasure. Learning to dance? Take tiger's eye with you to improve you dexterity and agility. Pitching a new idea? This stone can enhance your wit and charm making you one smooth talker. It's also a great stone for shy kids to help them gently open up and trust that they won't get hurt. And to help them recover when they do. Use to assist with manifestation of material possessions, as it works well attracting things of value like houses, boats and furniture!


A great stone to add bounce to your step. Clear topaz brings optimism and clarity and helps us to have a care-free attitude. It reaches into you and pulls out anything that may be keeping you from speaking your truth. It brings an awareness of our flaws and suggests we laugh at them. For what are flaws but doors to be unlocked in an effort to get closer to the Divine? And how to we unlock them? By recognizing we have work to do and accepting the challenge. Clear topaz challenges you to be your best self and at the same time cheers you to victory. Blue topaz is an excellent throat chakra stone, allowing you to feel light and fun in social settings. Imperial topaz, an orange-y gold color, alters your vibration to attract wealth, vitality and joy. If you would rather pulse instead of tingle, topaz is your gem!


The most popular colors of tourmaline are pink and green, and are usually found together. This combination is a gentle uplifting song to a heavy heart. If you have been struggling to get over a lost love, be it a broken marriage, a recent sweetheart, or the loss of a dear friend or loved one (including pets) bi-colored tourmaline is the perfect recovery stone. It re-energizes the heart, almost like replacing an old battery, filling it with a subtle pulse that gently invigorates the soul to move forward and out of grieving. Pink tourmaline is similar to rose quartz in that it can help to heal, take time to replenish, and forgive. Green tourmaline helps us to remember the abundance of love all around us and that with every loss there is an opportunity to let go and grow from our experience. Blue tourmaline helps us to be truthful, and to want the truth in our lives. It invites the throat chakra to speak and be heard and can be used to assist in learning to be still and listen to the voice within.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline reflects, deflects and protects. (It protects us from negative energy and sends ill-will back to its source.) If the negativity comes from within, it will offer an opportunity for reflection and remedy. There is a protective energy contained within tourmaline that causes one to think before they act. It is a great stone for teens and young adults to have when out on their own. Black tourmaline is useful for those who have a hard time creating boundaries or saying “No”. Carry it in your pocket if you feel you need extra protection. Place pieces around the entry to your home to keep anything negative from entering.


A mood stabilizer and grounder of peace within the mind and heart. It helps the heart and root chakras work together while clearing away rage and soothing resentment, bitterness and jealousy. A stone that helps us to make positive choices based on what will help us heal. It can help one to recognize the smoke screens (or veils of illusion) that keep us in our loop of self depreciation. Unakite turns on the light that allows us to see and overcome the insecurities that are heaped on us by the media. A great stone to heal old trauma and regret and to gain back our lost or given away energy and dignity after a relationship ends. Use unakite when you feel you have compromised who you are in relation to friends and family. Feel the hug of the Universe when you hold or wear this stone.