FACETS of Wellness

Fully Adaptive Crystalline Energy Therapy System



Aura: The energy cocoon that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. The aura is made up of all ten different energy layers that compose the physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, and higher spiritual aspects of the multidimensional human form.

Bio-crystalline: Refers to the network of cellular elements in the body which have liquid crystal or quartz-like properties. These areas include cell salts, lymphatics, fatty tissue, red and white blood cells and the pineal gland.

Bio-electrical/Bio-electronic: An electrical network of information transmission and cellular repair mechanisms in the body. Also refers to electronic switching and control mechanisms within and between cells.

Bio-energetic: Any type of electrical, electromagnetic, of subtle energetic forces which are generated by living organisms.

Causal Body: The subtle body which is composed of causal substance. It is the level at which human consciousness stores all experiences gained during it’s many incarnations on the physical plane.

Channeling: The phenomenon whereby an individual allows a higher level of consciousness to flow through them, often verbally, as in trance channeling. Channeling can also be accomplished through automatic writing.

Chakra: Sanskrit for “spinning wheel” of energy. These are energy centers in the body located along the spine with minor chakras at the shoulders, elbows, hands, knees and feet. They are step-down transformers for higher frequency subtle energies. The chakras process subtle energy and convert it into chemical, hormonal, and cellular changes in the body physical.

Chi: The ancient Chinese term for a nutritive subtle energy which circulates through the acupuncture meridians.

Clairaudience: The psychic ability of hearing at higher vibrational levels.

Clairvoyance: The psychic ability of seeing higher subtle-energy patterns or beings.

Crystal Grids: Arranging crystals in geometric patterns which have an amplified or synergistic effect greater than the sum of the individual crystals, they are often used for specific healing and meditative practices.

Dis-ease: A term used by health and wellness practitioners to express illness. It implies that sickness is the result of the individual being in disharmony with an aspect of their higher energetic self.

Eighth Galactic Dimension: An organizational system of intelligence existing in the Milky Way Galaxy known as the Galactic Federation, guided by the Orion star system.*

Ego: The incarnating personality as expressed through the physical body. The aspect of the individual that believes we are separate from each other and the Divine.

Elementals: Metallic, nuclear, chemical, and mineral beings originating and existing in the second dimension.

Emotional Body: A subtle body that exists around the physical body.

Energy Blockage: A general term referring to the interruption of the natural flow of the subtle energy through the human energetic system, often due to abnormal function of one or several chakras. It can also be caused by trauma to the physical body (including surgery), chronic emotional or physical stress, and abuse of all kinds.

Entrainment: A shift in frequency in an organism when in close proximity to, or direct contact with, a being or material of a more stable nature.

Etheric: The frequency band or octave just beyond the physical octave. Refers to the formative forces that exist vibrationally in relation to all life on Earth.

Etheric Body: A subtle body that exists just outside and around the physical body.

Ethers: Seven or more dimensional states that vibrate faster than the speed of light.

Fifth Galactic Dimension: The love frequency of Earth governed by the Pleiadians.*

First Galactic Dimension: The iron core crystal of the Earth. Connection to this realm creates harmony, bliss, and grounded stability.*

Fourth Galactic Dimension: The non-physical, archetypal zone of feelings, dreams and symbols, which allows a connection to Gaia and the higher dimensions through the planetary archetypal patterns.*

Gem Elixirs: The liquid produced by the placement of a mineral specimen in pure/distilled water for several hours under the sun and/or moon to transfer the mineral’s vibration into the water. The diluted liquid is ingested for healing and conscious growth.

Guides: See ‘Spirit Guides’

Higher Self: The location where all higher principles and experiences from past lives are stored in a person.

Homeopathic: A method of using micro-doses of natural substances to treat illnesses. This principle assigns treatments to patients based on the Law of Similars, in which a substance which causes specific symptoms of illness in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms in a person who is ill.

Karma: A Sanskrit word and reicarnational principle in which unprocessed actions, feelings, thoughts and desires are repeated through multiple lifetimes until the individual breaks the cycle by means of spiritual growth.

Kundalini: A powerful spiritual energy which is believed to lie dormant in one’s physical body at the root or base of the spine. Spiritual illumination is ignited when this force is carefully and respectfully awakened.

Mantra: A word, phrase or sound, continuously repeated aloud to achieve a meditative state of relaxation and focus. Mantras can be used to positively affect oneself or others, depending on the intention set.

Matrix: The substance in which a mineral specimen is embedded.

Mental Body: A  layer of the subtle body which surrounds the physical body.

Meridians: Etheric pathways or channels of energy which carry Ch’i or life force energy to the various organs, nerves and blood vessels within the physical body.

Miasm: An energetic state in which various subtle imbalances residing in the cells and subtle bodies can predispose a person to chronic illness,emotional discomfort, or dis-ease. These imbalances are karmically activated through the exposure to a particular feeling, toxic agent or noxious micro-organism. Miasms can be acquired, inherited, or plantetary in nature.

Morphogenetic Field: A field of geometrical organization which contains the inherent memory of a manifested idea or creation.

Multidimensional: Refers to access of the total spectrum of human energies, i.e., physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, and higher spirituality, or, access and awareness of the spectrum of galactic energies from the first dimension to the tenth.

Nadis: An extensive etherial, thread-like system of energetic pathways flowing from the chakra system to various regions of the body. They are non-physical and connect only with the nervous system.

Ninth Galactic Dimension: Pure Samadhi. A Galactic Center of perfectly balanced Light and Darkness. This plane of vibration is a repository for all that exists in a realm. For Earth, our Galactic Center is overseen by the Enochians or Keepers of Time.*

Prana: The Hindu or Yogic term for life force energy.

Qi: The Japanese term for Ch’i or life force energy.

Samadhi: A Hindu term for the non-dualistic state of consciousness achieved when the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object. Pure bliss, pure being, the experience of containing all, experiencing all, knowing all, and loving all. Known as the home of the Keepers of Time.

Sixth Glactic Dimension: The light-body form of all physical objects in 3D. Each material object is an idea held in the sixth dimensional library, which is brought to form by 6D desire for creation. These are the morphogenetic fields behind the physical patterns on Earth guided by the Sirius star system.*

Second Galactic Dimension: The telluric realm located between the Earth’s iron-crystal core and it’s surface where elemental forces originate and exist.*

Seventh Glactic Dimension: The Photon bands of light and intelligence emanating from the vertical axis of the Galactic Center which circle back on themselves creating donuts of stellar light. These support  the structure held in place by the eighth dimension. Our Solar system travels in and out of these photon bands periodically (about every 11,000 years). When a body travels in 7D it becomes more multidimensional. Our Earth has recently begun a 2,000 year cycle within a 7D photon band. *

Spirit Guides: Individual souls and higher dimensional beings who assist humans on the earth plane. These can include (but are not limited to) animal totems, saints, angels, medicine or indigenous tribes people, faeries, elementals, plant and crystal devas, or gods/goddesses from varying belief systems.

Tenth Galactic Dimension: The containment of All. The Universe Itself.*

Third Galactic Dimension: Existence on the Earth plane containing linear space and time.*

Thought Forms: Semi-materialized etherial forms existing in the auric field which are shaped by strong thought or emotion. If focused on they can create obsessive thoughts and loss of personal power.

Thymus Gland: An important gland, located below the sternum and connected to the heart chakra, which helps to regulate one’s immune system response.

Thyroid Gland: A butterfly shaped gland located in the neck region known for producing thyroxine, a hormone which regulates the body’s metabolic rate. This gland is associated with the throat chakra.

* Information on the ten dimensions found in “The Pleiadian Agenda” by Barbara Hand Clow.