FACETS of Wellness

Fully Adaptive Crystalline Energy Therapy System


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I AM a multi-dimensional inter-galactic light warrior, bruja and love gangster known throughout the universe as an AZAnurati. I have incarnated in a human body to assist with the rebirth and ascension of the planet Gaia and those who reside on and within the many realms of her being.  I have traveled my inner realms working through the layers of wounding and trauma that I have both been victim to and have caused others in an effort to bring you, my client, the very best in ascension assistance.

What can you expect in your ongoing work with me?

  • I see, hear and hold space for you without judgement .
  • I offer creative guidance, insight, inspiration and challenge.
  • You will receive nurturance, understanding and support through your transformation and release processes.
  • Connection to the deeper realms of knowing within you.
  • Restoration of and access to personal power.
  • Personal availability outside of session for your ongoing support .
  • Homework practices to keep you engaged with your process of transformation.

 I have been mentoring those who seek further enlightenment and guidance in love, life, career, and spiritual growth professionally since 2005.  I help each person remember their own innate strength, wisdom and abundance by providing transformational bodywork and counseling for my clients, creating empowerment, peace and harmony in their lives by helping them remember who they are. No problem or conflict is too big or small for me to assist you with. My life's purpose is to help you wake up and access your personal power with confidence, patience and grace.

When you work with me you are receiving the combined benefits of:

  • 13 years of classical musical training. 
  • An understanding of the many aspects and layers of the energetic body.
  • DNA level clearing of past and current  life trauma.
  • 12 Years of professional Usui reiki experience.
  • 11 years of professional massage experience.
  • 11 years of professional polarity therapy experience.
  • 11 years of professional sound therapy experience.
  • 15 years professional crystal healing experience.
  • 3 years of professional Arcturian Healing Method (by Gene Ang Ph.d) experience.
  • 5 years of personal development and professional experience with the never before available energy and healing power of the AZAnurati. 
  • An understanding of the body and mind as two parts of a whole being in need of constant balancing and repair.
  • A working knowledge of earthly and galactic magickal practices.

I have graduated through several levels of personal Guides over the last 6 years which include The Trinity from the Halls of Light in the Pleiades, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Samael,  Archeon Metatron, Dela Keeper of the Harmonic, Sorion Keeper of the Gates, Enoch Keeper of the Keys, and Telakmoura of the the Telluric Realm and I continue to be in contact with these and even more potent and powerful beings as I maintain my Light and Dark aspects in balanced purpose. My latest endeavor is in channeling and combining multiple types of galactic energies (Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian) and information with DNA level cellular activation, sound healing and the use of AZAnurati healing symbols and mantras, along with sacred geometry into FACETS of Wellness (Fully Adaptive Crystalline Energy Therapy System).


My office is located at 222 Saint John St., Portland, Maine. I can be reached by email at psycheskeys@gmail.com.